Woodland Walk

Here are a selection of video clips from our weekend in Brittany – we had good weather and went for a walk in the woods around Lac de Guerlédan (an artificial lake which powers a hydroelectric plant!)



Christmas Countdown | 4 | Bristol at Christmas

I love this video from Visit Bristol – so festive!

This month, I’m again attempting to blog every day to turn this corner of the internet into a sort of advent calendar. Posts will be tagged ChristmasCountdown2015 or you can look at the calendar in the sidebar ⇒

December Fifth – opening wine with a sabre

Also known as ‘sabrage‘ in French. This is T’s new party trick and very impressive it is too. The video shows the second time ever he attempted this. I’m proud to report that I have video evidence that he pulled it off perfectly the first time as well.

The trick [apparently] is to get the bottle very, very cold – i.e. put it in the freezer cold – and to follow through with the movement. But don’t try this at home, even if you do have a sabre knocking about (who doesn’t?!)

Anyway, this is to celebrate Friday!

This month (December 2014), I’m attempting to turn my blog into an advent calendar by posting every day in the run up to Christmas! Posts are tagged ChristmasCountdown2014 or look at the calendar in the sidebar –>