7 facts

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My birthday self-portrait

There’s a meme going round Facebook at the moment, where people share 7 random facts about themselves that friends may or may not know. I’ve learned some pretty interesting things about my friends, but I found it incredibly difficult to come up with my own list. One of my seven should probably be overthinking things! Here’s the list I eventually came up with:

  1. I never wear black socks (mostly bright stripes).
  2. I’m good at spotting signs and instructions in unfamiliar places.
  3. I once accidentally dyed my hair pink (I was aiming for red).
  4. I have never owned a car, although I do have a license.
  5. I was in holiday in Thailand when the airport was occupied by anti-government protesters and we got stuck in Bangkok for an extra week (the Thai government were amazing and gave all stranded tourists vouchers for accommodation and food!)
  6. I’m addicted to coffee (like, seriously, I get headaches if I don’t have it).
  7. I consider myself very lucky in life.

December Ninth – 25 Secret Santa ideas

25 Secret Santa gifts under £5 jennybegoode.wordpress.com

  1. Mulled wine spices.
  2. 2015 wall calendar or an advent calendar.
  3. A charity gift (ideas here – several under the £5 mark).
  4. A new mug for the office.
  5. DVD of a vintage Christmas movie.
  6. Voucher for their favourite coffee shop.
  7. A special Christmas decoration.
  8. Reindeer antlers or a decent quality Santa hat.
  9. Key ring torch – useful for dark winter evenings.
  10. Toiletries – there are so many mini gift sets to choose from!
  11. An unusual or pretty tea towel.
  12. A book – online offers tend to be under £5 for a paperback.
  13. A bag of speciality tea or ground coffee.
  14. Traditional children’s stocking fillers such as toy aeroplanes or whoopee cushions.
  15. Scratch cards – if they like a flutter.
  16. App voucher for their phone.
  17. Hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  18. Dinner table quiz games.
  19. Boxed set of note cards.
  20. A bottle two of real ale or cider.
  21. Chocolates.
  22. Christmas CD.
  23. A USB stick.
  24. A plant or seeds for their garden.
  25. Indoor fireworks or party poppers.