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Project Life in progress 2014
Project Life in progress 2014

One of the big reasons for going digital with Project Life in 2016 is that I have a massive list of other projects I want to spend my time and energy on.

I’m posting this list here as a reminder to myself, in case I start getting tempted back into traditional, non-digital Project Life!!

  1. Finish our 2011/2012 Project Life album – it’s almost complete, just Christmas left to do. I’ve already put together most of the missing pages in the app and they’re back from the printer.
  2. Finish our 2015 Project Life album. I have something of a dilemma here – I only got as far as July last year and there are gaps. I can’t decide whether to finish it as a 6×8 or, now we have more space, I could try and convert it to a 12×12 so all my albums match…
  3. Get started on our wedding album. Although what’s the hurry? It’s only been four years!
  4. Our honeymoon photo book! We took thousands of pictures on our honeymoon (a Californian road trip) and although some are documented on our old blog, most are still just sitting on our hard drive.
  5. Start ‘life books’ for T. and me. This is an idea I came up with ages ago to make Project Life-style albums for each of us in which each year of life is represented by a double-page spread highlighting the major events. I think it would be pretty cool to have.
  6. Make some photo books. I’ve got loads of ideas I want to try out including pictures of doors (I’ve got loads of pictures of picturesque, distressed old doors taken on holidays) and a major trip to Thailand I took with some friends a few years ago. I also want to make souvenir photo books for some friends as we all turn 40 in 2018!
  7. Do something with T’s Granny’s photo archive – we inherited many of T’s Granny’s photo albums and framed pictures. So far we have only taken them out of the self-adhesive albums (so bad for photos) and stored them in archival boxes. I’d love to make a start on scanning them for a photo book that we could print multiple copies of. There are also several Victorian albums that are falling apart.
  8. I’d like to have a go at making mini-books for gifts and maybe an art journal about quotes. I’ve also been given a load of card making stuff (I actually made my first few cards last year). So there’s that too.



Christmas Countdown | 20 | Plans for Project Life in 2016

I’m still loving Project Life, but I’m very behind with 2015’s album!

It’s more or less complete up to July but in the summer, when we put the house on the market, I had to pack away all my stuff for the viewings and I didn’t get it back out.

So for 2016 I am definitely going digital! I hope it’ll be much easier to keep it up.

The Project Life App
The Project Life app

I’m going to use the Project Life app plus, for variety, I’ll probably do some bits and pieces in Photoshop. I really enjoyed making this digital layout (below) about the Harbour Festival last year:

Bristol Harbour Festival 2015

I haven’t 100% decided how to print the layouts, but I think I’m going to get an 8×8 album and add in prints as we go along. It would mean I could include a few souvenirs and the album would also be the ‘right’ height (i.e. the same height as my 2015 6×8 albums). I’m thinking I could always order a photo book later on if I change my mind 😉

So that’s the plan for now. I’m going to order an 8×8 test print to see whether the photos look big enough and what font size I need to use.

Test page

Watch this space 🙂

This month, I’m again attempting to blog every day to turn this corner of the internet into a sort of advent calendar. Posts will be tagged ChristmasCountdown2015 or you can look at the calendar in the sidebar ⇒


Project Life 2014 slideshow

A super-quick post today to share a slideshow I made of my 2014 Project Life album!

At the beginning of the year I noticed that lots of people had been posting slideshows or video flip-throughs of their completed albums so I thought I would make one too.

I don’t know if these albums are ever really ‘finished’ – there’s always the temptation to go back and tinker. This one is pretty close to finished, although I do have some extra layouts from the Project Life App which I’d like to add at the back. I just need to wait till I can order a batch of 12×12 prints as the postage is pretty steep.

Project Life plans for 2015

Project Life plans for 2015
Rules? Where we’re going, we don’t need rules.

After all my swithering, I finally decided to go with the 6×8 Project Life format for 2015.

The main reason is that I just don’t have the space for any more 12×12 albums at home. And it’s good to have a change.

So, I’ve bought an album or three and I’ve also decided to throw out all the rules this year!

This means I’m not going to have two pages each week or have any set time frame for pages or spreads. I’m just going to include photos, and other bits & pieces that I like, in whatever order they fit.

I’m also not going to worry about covering every single event. It’s too easy to get obsessive about taking photos. For example, I don’t need a photo of every posh coffee! It’s just a couple of weeks into the New Year and I’m already feeling less pressure to take ‘filler’ photos.

Another benefit of this approach is that there’s no need to pre-plan pages and work out what photos I need to take next week to fit the other side of this week’s page orientation. The planning used to make my head spin!

I was hoping to have some pictures of January pages to add in here, but apparently I’m never at home during daylight!

Have you got any tips for the 6×8 format?

Christmas Project Life pages

Project Life app layouts 2014Yesterday I completed all my Christmas pages in one afternoon using the Project Life app on my iPhone. It really is so easy. I love the instant gratification of seeing a page finished in minutes.

Generally I cover a week in one or two pages, but for Christmas I went with the flow and made as many pages as necessary to cover all my favourite photos. I ended up with nine, including a full page 12×12 photo of New Year’s Eve.

[This is going to be a photo heavy post, so please click through if you’re interested.]

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