Links I found interesting this month

Lanhydrock, CornwallOne of my favourite types of blog posts to read is a round-up of links and stories from around the web. Not only is it a great way to find new and useful things to read, but it also means I’ll be able to find the links to those interesting articles later on! With that in mind, here are some items I found interesting this month:

• This blog post from Slow Your Home inspired me to delete all the social media apps on my phone last week.

• I sent this article about gender-neutral dress to my friend whose twins don’t have ‘his’ and ‘her’ clothes.

• Fantastic illustrations of Bath by Perry Harris, shown to me by the Mayor no less!

• Bristolians are loving the Shaun in the City sculpture trails.

• The Great British Bake Off starts next week (Wednesday, 8pm)!

• An enormous list of minimalism resources.

• Terrifying article about rescuing women from Isil (and women’s own testimonies).

• Finally, am I the only one with a bit of a crush on Mhairi Black?



Austentatious poster jennybegoode.wordpress.comJane Austen-themed improvisational comedy at the Bath Literature Festival – what’s not to love?!

The improvisation comes from asking audience members to suggest the title of a ‘lost’ Jane Austen novel. One is drawn out of a hat at random and then acted out in a series of short vignettes by the cast.

Austentatious programme jennybegoode.wordpress.comThe title we submitted was “Fear and Loathing in Leamington Spa”, but the one which was picked was “Nobody cares what colour that dress is”. Extremely funny!

December Third – mulled wine

Mulled wine at the Bath Christmas Market 2014One of the best things about Christmas Markets: it’s completely justified to walk around with an alcoholic drink in your hand. In fact, given the cold, mulled wine is an essential.

Funny story – T was in Bournemouth last weekend and was drinking glühwein at the German Christmas Market there. The drinks were served in these little china boots with Christmas scenes on them, for which a security deposit was held. After einige weins, T reasoned that the deposit meant you could keep the boots if you wanted to. So now we have some new decorations for the house and T has a sticky coat pocket!

December Second – Bath Christmas Market

Stalls at the Bath Christmas Market 2014One unmissable event that December brings to Bath is the Christmas Market. Love it or hate it there’s no getting away from it!

I love it actually and all the more so because it’s home grown. As the local paper says:

Unlike many German-themed markets around the country, the Bath Christmas Market is all about local products from local businesses, and the focus is on high-quality products with a real provenance and connection with the region.

That means the money local businesses make stays in the local economy.

My top tip for the market is to come first thing in the morning and to visit the main square by the Abbey first – that’s the square with the double rows of chalets where it can get so packed it’s hard to move! Also, check out the map on the Market website to see which stalls you want to visit first.

The market is on until 14 December 2014.

December First – an early tree

Christmas Tree at Brunel Square 2014 bokeh

This Christmas tree in Brunel Square, Bath, has been up for a few weeks already. It makes me feel ancient to say it, but it really does feel like Christmas starts earlier every year!

This month (December 2014), I’m attempting to turn my blog into an advent calendar by posting every day in the run up to Christmas! Posts are tagged ChristmasCountdown2014 or look at the calendar in the sidebar –>