Someday photo projects

Project Life in progress 2014
Project Life in progress 2014

One of the big reasons for going digital with Project Life in 2016 is that I have a massive list of other projects I want to spend my time and energy on.

I’m posting this list here as a reminder to myself, in case I start getting tempted back into traditional, non-digital Project Life!!

  1. Finish our 2011/2012 Project Life album – it’s almost complete, just Christmas left to do. I’ve already put together most of the missing pages in the app and they’re back from the printer.
  2. Finish our 2015 Project Life album. I have something of a dilemma here – I only got as far as July last year and there are gaps. I can’t decide whether to finish it as a 6×8 or, now we have more space, I could try and convert it to a 12×12 so all my albums match…
  3. Get started on our wedding album. Although what’s the hurry? It’s only been four years!
  4. Our honeymoon photo book! We took thousands of pictures on our honeymoon (a Californian road trip) and although some are documented on our old blog, most are still just sitting on our hard drive.
  5. Start ‘life books’ for T. and me. This is an idea I came up with ages ago to make Project Life-style albums for each of us in which each year of life is represented by a double-page spread highlighting the major events. I think it would be pretty cool to have.
  6. Make some photo books. I’ve got loads of ideas I want to try out including pictures of doors (I’ve got loads of pictures of picturesque, distressed old doors taken on holidays) and a major trip to Thailand I took with some friends a few years ago. I also want to make souvenir photo books for some friends as we all turn 40 in 2018!
  7. Do something with T’s Granny’s photo archive – we inherited many of T’s Granny’s photo albums and framed pictures. So far we have only taken them out of the self-adhesive albums (so bad for photos) and stored them in archival boxes. I’d love to make a start on scanning them for a photo book that we could print multiple copies of. There are also several Victorian albums that are falling apart.
  8. I’d like to have a go at making mini-books for gifts and maybe an art journal about quotes. I’ve also been given a load of card making stuff (I actually made my first few cards last year). So there’s that too.



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