Interesting links this month

autumn leaves

One of my favourite types of blog posts to read is a round-up of links and stories from around the web. It’s also a handy way to remember what I was reading about in any given month. With that in mind, here are some items I found interesting this month:

• The Mayor of Bath talks about mental wellbeing and confronting stigma.

• I discovered  The Physic Blog by Bristolian Sara Venn via Instagram and it lead me down a rabbit hole of reading about gardening, allotments and community projects. I especially loved this post and this video and this other blog and the Edible Bristol movement.

Sanctum is an incredible arts project happening in Bristol for the next three weeks. We dropped in on Friday and saw potters, spoken word poetry and an impromptu lecture on the ideas behind the project. The temporary structure alone is worth the trip.

This new-ish blog, The Spike, is like helpful advice from a cool aunt or sister.

A slightly scary but also hopeful podcast about our relationships with our smartphones and how they affect us as humans. And a similar article about parents and their phones.

• “If you have more stuff than you do space to easily store it, your life will be spent a slave to your possessions

• Finally, the grass isn’t greener in Norway (with regard to relations with the EU).


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