Fireworks fun

Fireworks in a box It was Tom’s Dad’s birthday last weekend and we went down to Portsmouth to join the party! He didn’t want any gifts that were things to keep, since they are planning on downsizing. After a bit of thought, we came up with the idea of taking along fireworks to put on a display at the party.

Did you know there are three shops in Bristol where you can buy fireworks all year round but that only one of them is open without an appointment on a Saturday morning? Handy to know. It’s a wacky shop selling lots of ‘party’ supplies!

Setting up the fireworks and planning the display is a great way to entertain the overgrown boys of the family during the long pre-party hours!

Fireworks silhouette

Pro tip: don’t try and take photos on your phone whilst wearing gloves AND holding a glass – you won’t get many shots before it’s all over!Fireworks starburst Fireworks in the dark jennybegoode.wordpress.comI defy anyone, of any age, not to enjoy themselves with a sparkler in their hand!

Sparklers fun


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