A day trip to Burnham-on-Sea

Burnham-on-Sea blue sky 2This weekend I had the feeling it was time to see the sea. It was a beautiful clear and sunny day and pretty mild too. So we drove out to Burnham-on-Sea.

Unfortunately the sea was out for the afternoon – somewhere out there, beyond a very wide, silty beach and a channel and a sandbar!

Burnham-on-SeaWe took loads of photos of the wave patterns instead of the waves.

Burnham-on-Sea silhouetteSilhouettes and shadows.

Burnham-on-Sea diptychThe beach wasn’t as empty as it may appear. There were a lot of dog walkers and families about. We even saw two girls with rolled up trouser legs, paddling in the tide pools. In February! The enthusiasm of youth, eh?

Burnham-on-Sea fogAs we turned back and back onto the esplanade, the sea mist rolled in and everything got very atmospheric. In Scotland, they call the sea mist the ‘haar’; I wonder what the old Somerset word would be?

Burnham-on-Sea is an easy 45-minute drive from Bristol – perfect for summer day trips I think.


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