Christmas Project Life pages

Project Life app layouts 2014Yesterday I completed all my Christmas pages in one afternoon using the Project Life app on my iPhone. It really is so easy. I love the instant gratification of seeing a page finished in minutes.

Generally I cover a week in one or two pages, but for Christmas I went with the flow and made as many pages as necessary to cover all my favourite photos. I ended up with nine, including a full page 12×12 photo of New Year’s Eve.

[This is going to be a photo heavy post, so please click through if you’re interested.]

[Note: most photos were edited using the Pic Tap Go app on my iPhone first – it’s so dark here in winter that brightening and colour correcting are essential. Otherwise everything would come out dark orange and indiscernible!]

This first page isn’t very exciting to look at but covers the crazy-busy last week before we finished work for Christmas including a couple of text message conversations.Christmas PL pages 1Our first Christmas celebration, with one side of T’s family.

Christmas PL pages 2This is the facing page to the one above. The series of photos of T’s siblings and Dad messing about were too cute not to include!

Christmas PL pages 3This page covers a few days in the run up to and including Christmas Eve. As it was our first time hosting Christmas I included a pic of the ‘Big Shop’!

Christmas PL pages 4Christmas Day. We spent it with the other side of T’s family.

Christmas PL pages 5This page covers our Christmas celebrations with my family. Sadly, I didn’t get a usable picture of the party at my Dad’s house.

Christmas PL pages 6A family day trip to Lincoln. I really like the snowy fields photo across two photo spots.

Christmas PL pages 7This is our ‘official’ New Year’s Eve photo with friends – we always make sure we get a group shot. I placed this on a 12×12 canvas with a wide border in Photoshop. Once I get the print, I’m planning to add some embellishments.

Christmas PL pages 8New Year’s Eve facing page. Overexposed black and white photos are so flattering šŸ˜‰

Christmas PL pages 9
All the Project Life cards above are from the “Hello December” and “Seasonal Snapshot” kits in the app. I decided to have some fun in Photoshop with a couple of the photos and journaling cards – I’m really pleased with the results!

In these first two photos I layered a photo, with a drop shadow, and some text over the journaling cards.

Modified journaling card 1Modified journaling card 2This is my favourite! I made the speech bubble into a clipping mask for the photo and added a stroke plus journaling with a plain layer behind (to cover the dots and make it legible). Poor doggie – she didn’t like her Christmas present.

Modified journaling card 3
Now I just need to wait for the pages to arrive from the printers* and my 2014 album will be complete!

Project Life albums on the shelf
Seeing these on the shelf makes me so happy!

*I order 12×12 prints from DS Colour Labs as advised by the ladies on the UK Project Life Chat Group on Facebook. The quality is outstanding.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Project Life pages

  1. Helen Pack January 6, 2015 / 1:04 pm

    Looks fab! You look great in the NYE dress x


    • Jenny January 15, 2015 / 1:46 pm

      Thanks sweetie šŸ™‚ Jxxx


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