December Fifteenth – Christmas Shopping

I’ve always tended to do my Christmas shopping bit by bit rather than all in one horrible trip down the high street.

A bit of here. A few local, handmade items from a pop-up shop there (Bristol is particularly good for arty pop-up shops). A couple of photo calendars that I have to order early. A few random things that I pick up without really knowing who they are for. And usually one very specific thing that I must get for one particular person and, goodness me, where did I see it again? Surely they haven’t run out! Do I have time to order it online…?

It’s weird, given how much time I spend thinking about Christmas presents, but I love how they become less important the older you get.

For children, Christmas is ALL about the presents (and Santa). For teenagers it’s all about the presents – preferably money – and how much booze you can get away with drinking. For adults, well I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more interested I get in family and friends and catching up and opening some fizzy wine and working out the timings for Christmas dinner. That last one might be just me.

I still love giving and receiving presents (including opening my stocking – yes we still do stockings for adults in my family!), but I’m happy they’re not the main focus.

A big exception – and one of the great joys of Christmas as you get older – is buying presents for children. Both T and I have godchildren now and it’s so nice to have an excuse to shop for toys and the books we remember from our own childhoods. Plus kids’ clothes are the cutest. I was looking in Sainsbury’s yesterday and saw several items I would wear if they came in my size! We don’t usually get to see the presents opened, but it’s nice to imagine they’ll be well-received.

One year, I made my godson a book using photos from our trip to the zoo and made a story out of them. When we visited a few months later, he went and fetched the book and showed it to me. That’s the best response you could hope for, I think.

Plus apparently it made his granny cry – ahhhh!

This month (December 2014), I’m attempting to turn my blog into an advent calendar by posting every day in the run up to Christmas! Posts are tagged ChristmasCountdown2014 or look at the calendar in the sidebar –>


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