December Twelfth – I’m not a morning person, but I’ll get up before dawn for a toastie from Hart’s

Harts Bakery, Bristol

OK, so getting up before dawn is made slightly easier by the fact that the sun didn’t come up till 08.06 today (08.05 in Bath, which is 10 miles further East). Only 9 days till the shortest day.

T and I started a tradition this year. On Fridays we go to Hart’s Bakery, under the arches of the Temple Meads station ramp in Bristol, for breakfast before work. It’s good to celebrate the week being almost over, even if it does mean getting up a little earlier. He has a cheese and ham toastie with a tea, I have a plain cheese with a coffee and we chat about the weekend and what we’re up to that evening until I have to go for the train. Then I get teased for having “coffee breath”.

Hart’s is usually jam packed with breakfasters and the takeaway queue. They do the best (and best value) coffee in the station vicinity and of course the best pastries, cakes and toasties. You should definitely check it out if you pass this way.


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