December Tenth – the 2015 photo calendars have arrived!

Photobox calendars for 2015
The 2015 photo calendars have arrived!

One of my annual photo projects is a Christmas present for a few key family members: personalised photo calendar with pictures of family members. It’s a great present for people who are hard to buy for as they don’t want or need much and it is usually well-appreciated. It’s an especially good present for those who are not on social media and so don’t see photos regularly.

My four top tips for photo calendars are:

  1. Recruit siblings and other family members to send you photos so you have more variety.
  2. Decide between a practical and a decorative calendar – elderly relatives will probably prefer a large poster calendar to a small calendar intended for appointments.
  3. Match the photo to the month – e.g. last year’s Christmas photo on the December page; summer holiday photos on the August page.
  4. Scan through before you order and check for a good balance and variety across the year.

This year I ordered from Photobox (UK), as they have been bombarding me with special offer emails for months. The quality is really good, but the online creation suite is not my favourite. There are not many collage options and the interface varies across different products which is frustrating and confusing. For example, if you are making an “A3 Wall Calendar” you have the option to edit and enhance your photos, add filters and choose from a few collage layouts; however if you are making an “A3 Poster Calendar” there is a completely different interface with no editing, enhancements or filters and fewer collage layouts.

Vistaprint has a more user-friendly collage function (drag and drop your photos, the editor arranges them automatically), so I may go back to that next year! Photo calendars are definitely a permanent item on my Christmas shopping list.

This month (December 2014), I’m attempting to turn my blog into an advent calendar by posting every day in the run up to Christmas! Posts are tagged ChristmasCountdown2014 or look at the calendar in the sidebar –>


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