Decisions, decisions

I’m currently pondering whether to do Project Life again in 2015.

Project Life in progress 2014
Project Life in progress 2014

The last three years have been a lot of fun and it’s very satisfying to see so many photos printed out. The only snag is: I’m running out of space.

12×12″ scrapbook albums are big. Enormous really. They’re much better suited to expansive, American homes with lots of spare rooms* and miles of shelving.

We live in a wee Victorian terraced house.

Terraced houses in Bristol; photograph from The Telegraph
Terraced houses in Bristol; photograph from The Telegraph

And we have a lot of books.

There is exactly one half of one shelf in our house which will hold a 12×12″ album and that half is pretty much full with the albums I already have**. I don’t really want to put them in the loft, so something has to change!

The Project Life App
The Project Life App

So, when the Project Life App came out in September, I thought I knew for sure what I wanted to do in 2015. All digital, all App layouts, with maybe the odd full page photo. I was planning to print an 8×8″ photo book at the end of the year and that would be that. No faff, no mess and I could show off the ‘album’ during the year on my iPad. I could even make the layouts on the train while commuting. Easy peasy.

A quick demo layout made with the App
A quick demo layout made with the App

But then I thought: what about the bits and pieces?

I’ve always saved things like postcards, wedding invitations, and business cards from restaurants. Since I started Project Life I’ve had somewhere to put them, but that won’t work in a photo book. Even if I take photos of the items, I’ll still want to keep [at least some of] the originals. And apart from that, I still have a box of Project Life cards to use up.

That got me thinking about combining a Project Life photo book with a small album or scrapbook for souvenirs and maybe a few favourite photos for context. And that got me thinking about just doing a 6×8″ album and abandoning the weekly format for monthly highlights. I’ve seen this format a lot online and it looks great.

I was changing my mind almost every day… but last night I took the plunge and ordered a 6×8″ album. I’ll have to see how I get on with the new size. Hopefully it might mean I have some spare time to catch up on other things, such as our wedding album for example!

I can always change my mind later 🙂 6x8" album

*It’s really astonishing to a Brit to see the acres of space in some American homes. Many people – even non-professional scrapbookers – have whole rooms with multiple work stations set aside. Fortunately for me, it’s still possible to make something fun in a small space; you just have to tidy away at the end of every session.

**Only half of the shelf because, while the shelf is level, the ceiling is not.


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