A week in Oman

Oman hot springsWe’re just back from a week in Oman, where we were visiting T’s sister.

As usual, we packed our holiday to the max. A few highlights included: trips to forts, wadis and beaches; paddling in hot springs (above) and sailing in a dinghy; afternoon tea in a grand hotel and a visit to the Grand Mosque.  Wahiba Sands dunesProbably my favourite part was the night we spent in the Desert Nights Camp at Wahiba Sands. We went ‘dune bashing’ (driving forwards, sideways and backwards over the dunes in a souped-up 4×4), watched the sunset from the top of a sand dune and rode camels!

Here’s a bonus picture of Sultan Quaboos Grand Mosque.

Sultan Quaboos Grand Mosque

I might write a bit more about some of the things to do in Oman, if there’s interest?


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