A Project Life page

Week 46
Slightly fuzzy – there’s so little daylight these days!

A page from November (week 46), with photos mainly from the weekend.

It was a pretty uneventful working week but the weekend included a 40th birthday party and meals with friends. Quite often I use only one page for a whole week. I’ll be able to get all of 2013 into one folder, which is helpful as we are quite limited on space at home.

For the photo on the far right of the middle row, I tried something a bit different. The pic was a group selfie, taken on the forward camera of my phone in low light. Since the quality was so poor, I decided to try and make it look like an instant photo by playing around with the borders of a template in PSE. It sort of works!

Lately, I’ve been connecting with other UK Project Lifers on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve taken part in swaps and sales to get some new bits and pieces – including the Jade edition cards used in this page. It’s been great to have some new colours and filler designs to play with.

I realised that there are so many cards in the core kits that I’m unlikely to use a whole one in a year, especially as I do only a monthly title card and use a lot of 3×4 photos, so I sold off a third of my Seafoam kit. Even so, I’ve got loads left and I’ve also signed up to get a third of a Coral edition kit. I guess I’ll be carrying on with PL in 2014!

Thinking about it, I’ve seen lots of comments online about the large number of cards in a full-sized core kit. Many people have said that they prefer to swap or sell to get more variety. I suppose this is why Becky Higgins has started making mini kits and themed card packs.

In the page above I used: some photo collage templates from Tracy Larsen, some official Project Lifeproducts (photo sleeves, folder, blank card, cards from the Jade core kit) and some paper from a 6×6 pad (I think it’s called the Maggie Holmes Signature pad for Crate Paper).


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