Twelfth Night

Twelfth NightSaturday morning, T and I were sitting in Tinto Lounge on Gloucester Road speculating about which movie to see that evening. I happened to pick up the Tobacco Factory leaflet and saw the final performance of Twelfth Night was that evening.

I’m so glad we rang up on the off chance that there might still be tickets available because it was the funniest Shakespeare I’ve ever seen.

“Filter’s radical interpretation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night reflects the anarchic energy running through the play.”

I’d never heard of Filter Theatre Company before so went in with no preconceptions. Anarchic is a good description for their style. The production was incredibly technical, using all kinds of musical instruments, electrical/sound equipment and sound effects. Beyond that it was absolutely hysterical. It’s an intimate venue and at some points it felt like half the audience was on the floor joining in a riot. The production is touring nationwide now. I’ve just emailed my Mum and sister to urge them to see it in Lincoln – definitely recommended.

It was our first visit to the Tobacco Factory Theatre, but I am sure it won’t be our last.

Hurray for spontaneity!


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